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About Us,

PreMiereCocos® is the brand name for Premier Horticultural Products (Pvt) Ltd (Sri Lanka), Coco-peat Company Limited (United Kingdom) and Circle 5 Eco Solutions (Canada) Inc. The parent company "Premier Horticultural Products (Pvt) Ltd" was established in 2004 and incorporated Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka under registration number (PVS) 36457 and PV 14173 is in the business of manufacturing and supplying Naturally Bio-Degradable Growing Mediums (soil substitutes), Erosion Controllable Geo Textiles and Landscaping Materials.

The companies have over the years, built a strong understanding of this industry and have become an innovator in coconut coir based product worldwide. Coco-peat has started gaining its prominence amongst the users in the Floriculture & Agriculture Industry. These products have become the only substitute which is readily available in the market. Coco-Peat a natural and environment friendly product is an excellent substitute to using chemicals & other environment damaging products.

Horticulture, Hydroponic and Landscaping Industries worldwide has acknowledged the diversifying usage of the coco based products and its potential and accepted it as an only replacement for the artificial and environmentally damaging substance widely been before the discovery of coco peat and its usage three decades ago in Sri Lanka.

To ensure consistent quality and timely supplies, PreMeireCocos® has set up a manufacturing base in Sri Lanka, Premier Horticultural Products (Pvt) Ltd, which primarily manufactures Coco based products such as Coco-peat, Coir fiber and Geo Textiles.

The process in the manufacturing and distribution of Coco- peat is plantation for growing of coconuts which is the base product, the extraction of the coco fiber which can be done either at base (plantation) or at the coco-peat factory. The earlier being the better option as then the coconuts themselves needn't be transported adding to transport costs. The coco fiber so obtained from the coconut harvest is then processed at the manufacturing unit to produce coco-peat, either loose or compressed bricks. The next part of the process is to transport it to the user market and at that place converting the Coco-peat to substrate using an indigenous process.

However, Coconut being the base product from which coco-peat is manufactured; Coco-peat is a low value and high volume business and hence does not require very high investment in raw material and stock. The major investment area, dependent on the area of focus in the supply chain, is the actual investment in the plantations. PreMeireCocos® has put in place the intermediate and final part of the process, namely the manufacture of Coco-peat and marketing & distribution of the products (Coco-peat, Coir products & substrate) worldwide. PreMeireCocos® established network of supply chain management outlets overseas and incorporated subsidiary companies in United Kingdom, Canada and USA.

The international distribution of our production plants and sites naturally requires perfect coordination. That's why we have both a central sales team and a separate logistics department located among the main production sites in Sri Lanka and India and they coordinate the organization of sales and transport down to the smallest detail. In this way, we can deliver direct to your door, always on time and at extremely competitive rates. PreMeireCocos® employs its own agricultural scientists and laboratory staff who can provide you with best tailor made mixture for your business and detailed advice on how to use the products in a best way to unleashes it potential. We will produce and supply this mixture exactly to your requirements and support you every step of the way to increase your productivity.

To capture these newly emerging markets PreMiereCocos® has participated in many exhibitions worldwide and received an excellent response to its Coco-peat and coir products.