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Introduction to PreMiereCocos® Coir Brick Briquettes – (650gm)

Organic growing medium, 100% Coir. For commercial growers and soil builders. Ultimate organic fertilizer, multi-purpose soil conditioner. Economical and long lasting. This product is specially made for Hobby Market; these products are excellent for Horticulturalists, Green horse owners, commercial nurseries, and large, medium and small scale growers. It expands when water is added; just by adding water we can obtain 10 litres of potting soil mixture.


100% coconut coir dust, it is naturally bio-degradable and it comes as by product from coconut fiber industry. It is the left over dust after fiber is extracted from fresh water cured coconut husks. After extraction of dust it is stored in open air for 2 -5 years before using. This product is then put through our vigorous quality control measures made in compressed foam for an economical way of transportation

a.  Size

20 X 10 X 5 CM

b.  Weight 0.650 gm + or - 10 gm
c.  Break Out Volume 10 lt
d.  E.C (1:3 v/v µmhoscm-1method) < 2 ms
e.  pH 5.5 to 6.5
f.  Pathogens Absent
g. Nematodes Absent
h.  Weed Seeds Nil

Packing: Either containerized bulk packing or retail packs with customer specifications

Laudability (Palliated):



a. Container Type 20ft 40ft (Hi)
b. Pallet Size

105 X 105 X 220 CM

105 X 105 X 240 CM

c. No. of Bricks/Pallet 2000 Nos. 3700 Nos.
d  Weight/Pallet

1.3 MT


e.  No. of Pallets 10 20
f.   Maximum Loadability/Container

13 MT

22 MT

Laudability (Loose Stuffing):    
a. No. of Bricks/Container

23,000 Nos.

40,000 Nos.

b. Maximum Load ability/Container 15 MT 24 MT