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Company Profile

Premier Horticultural Products (Pvt) Ltd, was established in 2006, is in the business of manufacturing and supplying Naturally, Bio-degradable erosion controllable soil substitutes under the Brand Name of PreMiereCocos®. The company has over the years built a strong understanding of this industry and has now identified an excellent product which is expected to reduce the dependence of artificial and environmentally damaging substances being used by the Floriculture and Agriculture industry worldwide.

The Hydroponics sector is gaining in importance throughout the world. Flower production is burgeoning in many countries. There has also been broad expansion in international trade. Sales are largely centred on markets with strong purchasing power, like Europe, the USA and Japan. The Netherlands is a major player in this sector, in distribution & Application. The major high quality production centre is in India subcontinent. Foreign flowers and plants are increasingly sold at auction in the Netherlands in addition to domestic products.

Coco-Peat is a natural and environment friendly product is an excellent substitute to using chemicals & other environment damaging products. Coco-peat has started gaining its prominence amongst the users in the Floriculture & Agriculture Industry. To capture this nascent market PreMiereCocos® has participated in many exhibitions worldwide and received an excellent response to its Coco-peat and coir products.

During studies on further diversification it was established that floriculture related business catering to Europe and specially the newly emerging eastern European markets provide ample opportunities for our entry to the market and allowing penetration to huge European market. estimated to be Euros 3.9 Billion per year (in 1999) .With planned fact-finding participation as an exhibitor in IPM trade fair in Essen Germany in Jan-2004 and New England Grow in Boston USA in Jan- 2012 ,suitable contacts were established for planned entry and the project areas are detailed below.

To ensure consistent quality and timely supplies, PreMiereCocos® has set up a Representative Office in United Kingdom "Coco-Peat Company Limited "and Circle 5 Eco Solutions (Canada).Inc which primarily see though undisturbed supply of PreMiereCocos products to our customer base worldwide.