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PreMiereCocos®Ruberished Coir Mats are manufactured mixture of coco fibers and coco peat. The Coir mat is made of 100% Bio-Degradable natural fibers and is designed to last longer period and very durable. The CoirMat is an ideal product to prevent erosion on slopes and on water lines and often it used in combination with our PreMiereCocs® Coir Logs.

Soil erosion can be a serious natural problem, resulting in serious damages to water sources, wildlife and open landscape. Erosion is the result of several processes and can be divided into three phases, such as loosening of particles, soil transport and sedimentation. 

Eco-Geotextiles line of 100% biodegradable coir fiber products includes short term and long term erosion control Eco-Geonets, as well as turf reinforcement mats. Eco-Geotextiles products offer the following benefits and features to solve the natural problems in a natural way.

Coir carpet in its natural color tends to blend better with any color and design of the interior architecture. Latex backed coir carpets prevent penetration of dust and can be easily cleaned by a vacuum cleaner.

For functional purposes and durability of the coir pile mat, it is compressed with rubber at various points to form into a dense coir brush mat with end designs. The solid vulcanized rubber also strengthens its edges and the bottom layer.

There are two types of Grass Pad:

Grass Pad is made out of Rubberized Coir, Coco Pith and small portion of Husk Chips. The grass seeds are placed on the pad and just introduce few for water for seedling.

  • Flat mat:-The Flat mat is a woven 100% coir mat. It is tightly machine woven with a weight ofapprox.2000gms/sqm. 
  • Rubber mat: - Rubber mats are high quality flexible mats with low densities. Only one available size is 60 x 40 cm.
  • The sizes are available from 50x50cm, 1m x 1m
  • Can be packed in pallets app. 1200 packs/pallet