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This is a substitute for plastic containers used in green houses and nurseries. Coir fiber is bound together by natural rubber latex and molded to elasticity to form the coir pot. Replanting processes much easier as the plant need not be wrested free from a smaller pot due to the penetrability of roots through the walls of the pots. A product is also available with a rim formed on the edge of the pot to suit mechanized nurseries.

Rubberised Hanging Baskets with powder coated metal cages the molded compressed rubberized coir baskets have different forms and shapes. These baskets are inserted in powder coated metal cages that are made to fit. A range of shapes are available.

Rubberized Coir Pads (RCP) pads manufactured with coir fiber mixed with natural rubber latex. They have different densities and dimensions that can be applied for various purposes as mulch mats, protective plant covers, and inner liners for pots. The RCP pads help to maintain the extreme fluctuation in the soil temperature by insulating the soil. It also helps to keep away weed and grass from the plant vicinity. 

Grass seed mats are RCP sheet where seeds can be planted. Enables plants to easily wind or cling its self around the pole or grid in an aesthetically pleasing manner while helping them to enhance and accelerate growth.

Available in a range of sizes to accommodate any types of plants.