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PreMiereCocos® Rubberised coir pots are a cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic pots. Our pots are 100% biodegradable and ready to use and eliminates the need for replanting. Coir pots prevent tightly massed root systems that do not take full advantage of the growing area, a norm that occurs in plastic pots.

Instead, plants in coir pots grow throughout the entire pot and into the pot wall thanks to its organic composition. The fibrous nature of coir pots aid in air pruning of roots during the propagation process. Once the roots reach the outer edge of the wall, they halt growing outwards and continue to grow inside the pot. 

Due to the biodegradability of our coir pots, commercial growers can use the pots to grow plants that can be directly planted into the ground eliminating the chances for transplant shock which tends to occur during transplantation processes.

Planting the pot directly into the ground, allows the plant to take root more effectively and promote the growth of plants in all shapes and sizes.

Our Coir pots provide an environmentally friendly solution and healthier alternative to Plastic Pots. They are naturally biodegradable and can be planted directly into the earth saving time and recycling effort. Coir Pots also provides more oxygen and flexibility for all round root growth creating healthier plants.

Coco Coir Pots are made from natural latex and coconut coir. Our manufacturing facilities under strict environmental standards,

  • Usage: Alternative to Plastic Pots
  • Features: Biodegradability
  • Material: Natural latex and coconut coir
  • Packing: Cartons
  • Dimensions: Any size from 1.5" to 24" diameter
  • Weight: Ranges as per design/size pots
  • Biodegradability: Based on the construction of the pot