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Landscaping Products & Applications

Eco-Weed mat is a needled punch coir matrix bonded with natural latex binder.  It is 100% biodegradable mat which can be used to stop erosion and control weeds. The weed mat completely breaks down within 15-18 months and provides mulch to the soil. The porous structure of the mat helps water, fertilizer and air to penetrate through the coir fibers. It does not hold the heat and also helps roots and soil to breath.  Eco-Weed mats are available in circular, square and roll forms. Each weed mat form has an appropriate cut, a middle hole and a split for easy installation. 

PreMiereCocos® Eco-weed Mat Product Code: Imperial Measurement (UK,USA & CANADA) Metric Measurement (EU and Other Countries)
Diameter of Circle Weed Mat: 3” ~ 36” 7.5 cm ~91 cm
Size of Squire Weed Mat: 6” x 6” x 39” ~ 39” 15.5cm x 15.5cm ~ 91.5 cm
Dimension of Roll Weed Mat: Imperial Measurement Metric Measurement
Width: > 39” > 91.5 cm
Length; 20', 30', 40' 3m, 6m, 9m
Thickness: ¼”, ½”, 1” 0.6 cm, 2.4 cm

Features & Benefits:

Prevention of soil loss due to water and wind
Elimination of sediment run-off to dry areas and water areas
Protect the land surface from water and wind
Protect seeds, keep the seeds in place and help seed germination 
Provide optimum conditions for the establishment of vegetation

Our Coir fiber soil bioengineering products play a significant role in today's soil bioengineering techniques. They strongly support the reinforcement of soil, as well as provide mulch and improve soil conditions.

The organic alternative to plastic covers for Rockwool blocks.
Use Caps to help prevent light penetration that may cause algae growth.


4" and 6" caps are available
4" - 10 packs per case and 125 packs per master carton – 48 MCs/pallet  
6" - 10 packs per case and 63 packs per master carton – 48 MCs/pallet

Orders upon Request for large quantities:
Diameter Various sizes on request
Package Carton boxes on pallets
Quality Several thicknesses

*Please request quotes for desired sizes and quantities.

PreMiereCocos® CoirMats are manufactured mixture of coco fibers and coco peat. The Coir mat is made of 100% Bio-Degradable natural fibers and is designed to last longer period and very durable. The CoirMat is an ideal product to prevent erosion on slopes and on water lines and often it used in combination with our PreMiereCocs® Coir Logs.

Soil erosion can be a serious natural problem, resulting in serious damages to water sources, wildlife and open landscape. Erosion is the result of several processes and can be divided into three phases, such as loosening of particles, soil transport and sedimentation. 

Eco-Geotextiles line of 100% biodegradable coir fiber products includes short term and long term erosion control Eco-Geonets, as well as turf reinforcement mats. Eco-Geotextiles products offer the following benefits and features to solve the natural problems in a natural way.