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Production principles –®

In order to unleash coco's maximum potential® guarantee high quality and premium class products.® maintains a very strike control on the production procedure in its Production Facilities in and around Asia.® has invested time, labor intense research for the development of innovative products. We maintain Industry Standards and make sure the production procedures at the factories are kept up with® high standards.

Raw material Extraction:

Extraction of all fractions that is relevant to® products from the Husk. The first stage in the production is to soak the Husks in a water reservoir. During this stage the Husk is softened by the water.® does not use young Husks for this stage since this is the first stage for all® production producers.® does not make products based on immature husks except for crushed materials

Once the husks have been received in our production plants they are stored centrally for at least six weeks, after which further processing can begin. The husks are beaten or decorticated to remove the fibers, which leaves us with coco peat.

Double sieving (removing long fibers and dust):

This procedure is the final stage and with this stage® makes sure that each product fits exactly to its quality requirements. The sieving is critical for the uniformity and quality of all Coco (coir) products.

Composting:® aim is to produce long term products. The composting stage is critical if the Coco is to last more than 2 years. This stage takes between 12-18 months. The coco peat is transported to our storage bunkers immediately after the fibers have been removed. There it is stored and so begins the ageing process in which the coco peat is stabilized. This process takes at least four months. Once it is over, we sieve the coco peat to remove the last remaining fibers. The coco peat is then dried and taken to the pressing shop, where it is compressed into 5kg blocks and briquettes. After this, the products are shipped in sea containers.