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Production Process

All our products are based on the same thing: coconut husks. By using a variety of processing methods, we produce three materials: Coco chips, Coco fiber and Coco peat.

Coco chips:

If we don't split the husk into fibers and coco peat but break it up, we create Coco Husk chips. Chips are extremely suitable as an additive in potting soils. They make for a well aerated mixture, while at the same time holding moisture. Chips also undergo careful treatment before they can be used. They are cut first, and then either washed or buffered. After that they are dried and compressed.

Coco fiber:

The fiber that we remove from the husk is excellent for use in growing media. Coco fibers improve the capillary action of the growing medium. For this reason, they have to satisfy a number of strict requirements, e.g. in terms of length, thickness and EC. We remove the fibers by decorticating, beating or de-fiber the husk. We then select them on the basis of thickness, as fibers which are too thin decompose at too fast a rate and therefore lose their effect too quickly. The remaining fibers are graded according to quality, cut to size, washed, dried and compressed.

Coco Peat:

Our factory is situated in the richest belt of Coconut Field in Sri Lanka. The Coconuts are available here from more than 500,000 hectares of coconut farms around our factory. Our province is having the excellent quality of natural water 25 kilometers away from our factory.

So it is quite natural that we can produce the best quality of Coco Peat. The total factory area comes around 10 acres and the expansion process is on. We have our own vehicles through which we can procure the raw material without any problem in the transportation.

Raw Material Procuring:

As per our quality control policy, For Coco Peat, we are selecting the coconuts from the farms which are very close to the riverside to achieve the best quality. Raw Materials of good quality are obtained from the surrounding factories and they undergo stringent testing under secure conditions preventing from external seeds, weeds and pathogens test.


The Raw Material is washed with fresh water to reduce the E.C. level. We are using a specific technology in washing to ensure that the material is evenly washed. Frequently Tests are done to confirm the E.C level of the material. One more cross check test will be there and finally the washed material will go for drying process. (After sieving, we can subject the coco peat to further treatment, e.g. the coco peat can be washed. Elements which are freely soluble in water, such as potassium, sodium and chloride, are removed. The salt content is reduced to an EC < 1.0 mS/cm [1:1.5 water extraction methods].)


In addition to this, we can also buffer the Coco peat. During this process, calcium [C++] is introduced in order to remove mono-valent positive ions such as potassium [1+] from the coconut Media. In this way, we remove not only elements which are soluble in water but also elements which are bound to the coconut complex. Washing and buffering can take place at our factory site in Sri Lanka.


The washed material then dried to open sky in the cement yard. The Drying Process is undertaken in the vast spread cement yard (80,000 sq.ft,) which is free of foreign particles surrounded by a compound wall. The material will be collected at sufficient moisture. At this level the tests for moisture are done. Once the moisture level of the material is reached, it gets ready for screening.


We have revolving screeners, Bed type vibrators and sand separators that can be used to remove the outside substances if any presented in the washed material. Then the material will be ready for compaction.


Our Factory is equipped with an excellent laboratory. With experienced, highly qualified quality control officers, we ensure that each and every block manufactured in our factory is thoroughly gone through all tests like E.C level, pH level and moisture etc. We are keeping the sample batch by batch and can assure that not even a single product will be rejected by our clients.


We have well experienced skilled labors in our factory to make our product the unique one. Our factory is consisting of well-developed machineries and we are very particular in our product's quality. We have 5 kg block making machine and 650 grams block making machines. We can produce good quality of coco peat blocks with the well-equipped machineries we have in our factory.


The final product is packed as per customer's specifications as laid down in the order. While loading pallets, all precautionary measures are taken in consideration of container's tough and long journey in the seawater.