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Soil Bioengineering Products & Applications

Soil Bioengineering is an established method of stabilizing or protecting eroded soils. It is unique in plants, such as roots and stems, and is used as the main structural components to reinforce the soil and provide protection to water sources. These imbedded plant materials act as:

  • soil reinforcements
  • barriers to earth movement
  • hydraulic drains
  • moisture wicks

Structures are created to provide immediate mechanical stability while establishing a vigorous root zone structure within the eroded soil. These living structures have an inherent ability to become stronger with time and self-repair water edges, provide habitats for aquatic and terrestrial wildlife and filter runoff water.

Growth of the bioengineering materials forms a healthy, natural groundcover of native plants, while creating microclimatic conditions favorable to the establishment of other native plant species and wildlife habitat. A variety of soil bioengineering methods can be applied for stabilizing areas of surface erosion or shallow landslides. Different methods, or combination of methods, can be used to/on:

  • cut and fill slopes along roadways
  • landfill covers
  • spoil banks
  • wildlife habitat
  • landscape restoration
  • stream banks

The PreMiereCocos® Eco-Coir logs are made of intertwined long coco fibers and blended with natural latex binder. The insides are filled with a softer coir fiber to improve germination and growth of the inserted seeds and plants. They last up to 6 years in stream banks, and give vegetation plenty of time to create natural support against the erosion.

Within PreMiereCocos® we have many years of experience in erosion control with organic substances and are more than happy to help you in finding the right solution to your erosion questions.

Eco-Log is made from machine-spun coir twine stuffed under pressure with mattress grade coir fiber to specified density. High density Eco-Green Log has excellent structural stability and it also resists the force of the water flow while establishing natural vegetation. These logs can be used in low gradient areas in stream, lake, shoreline protection and slope stabilizations. It helps to dissipate the impact of flowing water and stop sediment. Eco-Green Log fosters plant growth among the coir fiber and eventually decays, while becoming a natural part of the bio-engineered site over 5 or more years. It also provides aesthetic value to the surrounding environment..

The root system created by the vegetation within the riparian buffer prevents future erosion in the wetland areas due to high water flows. PreMiereCocos® Eco-Logs can be supplied as a circular coir log or square log. In addition, our Eco-Green Logs are available in planting holes and impregnated with coconut shell activated carbon.

Product Code: Imperial Measurements (UK, United States of America & Canada) Metric Measurements (EU & Other Countries)
Diameter : 9", 12",16", 20" 20 cm,30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm
Length: 10'. 20' 3.05 m ~ 6.1 m
Weight: 7 lbs ~ 20 lbs 10 kg ~ 30 Kg
Slope Gradient: >1:3:5 > 1:3:5
Coir Netting: Square or Diamond shape Coir Twine Square or Diamond shape Coir Twine
LOADABILITY / 40' HC: Sizes Sizes
    485 Nom's
9" x 10' 22.5 cm ~ 25 cm
    288 Nm's
12" x 10' 30 cm ~ 25 cm
    139 Nom's
16" x 10' 40 cm ~ 25 cm
    140 Nom's
12" x 10' 30 cm ~ 25 cm

* PreMiereCocos® Eco-Log physical properties test certificate is available.

For quick and temporary erosion solutions, PreMiereCocos® has a added a new edition to her assortment. EcoSand Bag. This is a intertwined coir fiber to hold sand and give a swift, but temporary control off erosion in stressed areas with a continuous water flow, like on beaches and threaded flood areas. The sand bag is durable en environmental friendly. It must be filled with local available sand. These bags dams are build easily for temporary protection!

Coir Sand Bags for protection of a tree on the beach

Coastal Erosion is a natural process of the wear away of land or the removal of beach or dune sediments by wave action, tidal currents, wave currents or drainage. It is a serious problem in many coastal areas across the globe. Strong waves have enough energy to carry sand away from the beach. After the waves break, this results in erosion of the recreational beach. Establishing a strategic and comprehensive framework to protect and conserve the coastal marine ecosystem is very important. 

Our Eco-Sand Bag is made from 100% clean coir fiber with, internally, coir matrix bonded with natural latex binder and, externally, coir fiber encased in a coir mesh geotextiles layer. Sand filled Eco-Sand Bags can be placed on a level contour on severely eroded coastal lines to protect them from strong waves. Sand bags last over 5-6 years and they have natural UV resistant properties. When sand layers deposit on the bags, the bags become more stable and heavier which prevents sand erosion and helps to re-establish the coastal eco-system. 

PreMiereCocos® Eco-Sand Bag Product Code: Imperial Measurement (UK,USA & CANADA) Metric Measurement (EU and Other Countries)
Width: 19" ~ 38" 48 cm ~ 96 cm
Length: 28" ~ 56" 71 cm ~ 142 cm
Net Weight: 15 lbs ~ 35 lbs 35kg ~ 77 kg
Gross Holding Weight: 300lbs ~ 350 lbs 750 kg ~ 800 Kg
Load ability 40' HC Container 2000 Bags 2000 Bags

Pre MiereCocos® Eco-Wattles are made from rubberized (organic latex rubber) coir mat liners and inside the tubes are filled with baby coir fibers and mattress coir fibers. Coir fiber is uniformly packed into a high strength coir twine netting to hold the rubberized coir mat liner. 

PreMiereCocos® supplies excellent Eco-coir wattles to prevent unnecessary erosion on slopes, water runs, run-off from construction sites and other commercial applications such as in vineyards.

PreMiereCocos® has many years of experience in erosion control with organic substances and are more than happy to help you in finding the right solution to erosion problems you have to eliminate. 

On slopes soil erosion is a worldwide problem. In these circumstances people may find short term solution however in the end these short term solutions creates larger erosion control problems However, creating a smooth run-off for water, erosion can be controlled by making sure the slope can retain more water and fast moving water is slowed down by creating a ripple effect on the slopes so that water flow can be controlled very efficiently. With expertise advice and their cooperation PreMiereCocos® has gained extensive expertise in erosion control issues and learned to use organic and environmental friendly products, such as Coco-Peat, Coco-Fiber and selected compost types. These solutions have been adapted in both North America and Europe over the last15 years.

PreMiereCocos® supplies Eco-Geotextiles intertwined, weave & wept, and both machine and handspun out of coir fibers. They are perfect for erosion control on slopes and stream banks. They are also used for decoration and sound barriers.  Our products have a long durability to ensure the natural vegetation has time to create its own erosion protection in a period of 4 to 6 years.

PreMiereCocos®Eco-Wattle effectively traps sediment and improves water quality. The wattles filter over land water flow, trapping and holding sediment on the bank that would otherwise end up in the water or in the dry areas below. Eco-Wattles are the best alternative to temporary sediment control products such as straw, hay bales or wattles.

PreMiereCocos®Eco-Wattle work well, when sitting directly in water and out of water, on slopes and can hold the site stable for 4-6 years.  This gives sprouting seeds ample time to develop an intricate root system that will continue the task of stabilization after the wattles have decomposed. The lightly packed coir fiber allows cleaner water to pass through the Eco-wattle leaving sediment behind.*PreMiereCocos® Eco-Wattle physical properties test certificate is available upon request.

Practical Application of Eco-Wattle:

  • Use for Highway Construction
  • Use for commercial constructions
  • Storm water run-off control
  • Rehabilitation of Forest fire
  • Mine and land reclamation
  • Vineyard sediment protection
  • Ski slopes
  • Widely used for Bioengineering projects
  • Re-vegetation and Stream bank restoration
  • Coastal shoreline stabilization

Eco wattle properties:

  • Its durable and strong
  • It improves water quality
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Easy to carry and install
  • Its reusable, if necessary
  • Its flexible and easy to store 
Product Code: Imperial Measurements (UK, United States of America & Canada) Metric Measurements (EU & Other Countries)
Diameter : 6", 9",12",14", 16",20" 10cm ~ 60cm
Length: 8', 10' 20' 1m ~ 6m
Weight: 0.65 lbs/ft ~ 10lbs/ft 1kg/m ~ 15kg/m
Coir Netting: Squire or Diamond shape Net Squire or Diamond shape Net
LOADABILITY / 40' HC: Nom's Nom's
    92 x 8'
715 715
    9" x 10'
600 600
    12" x 10'
358 358
    16" x 10'
168 168
    20" x 10'
140 140
    12" x 20'
80 80
  • Eco-Coir wattle in stream bank
  • Eco-Sediment control on construction site
  • Eco-vegetation for endurable erosion control 


  • germinated grass  
  • teed cave carpeted with Geotextiles  
  • Terrace slope build with Geotextiles
  • Geotextiles on a long and steep slope

PreMiereCocos® Eco- dam is made from coir mat square type liner is filled with bristle coir fiber and mattress coir fiber. Coir fiber is uniformly packed into high strength coir twine netting closely connected with machine spun upstream and downstream Eco-Geotextiles Coir Mesh.  It reduces the water flow and filters the sediment. Closely woven Geotextiles Coir Mesh prevents downstream and upstream undercutting while trapping sediment and improving water quality.

PreMiereCocos® Eco-Dam works well, when sitting directly in water and out of water, on slopes and can hold the site stable for 4-6 years. It's easy to carry, easy to use and performs very well in any properly installed project site.

Product Code: Imperial Measurements (UK, United States of America & Canada) Metric Measurements (EU & Other Countries)
Dam Height: 9", 12" 1m ~ 4m
Dam Length: 10' 3 m
Dam Gross Width: 8" 20 cm
Length: 8', 10', 20' 1.5 m ~ 6 m
Weight: 2.7 lbs/ft ~ 4-8 lbs/ft 3.9 kg/m ~ 6.8 kg/m
Upstream Filter Netting : 10" ~ 12" 25cm ~ 30 cm
Downstream Filter Netting: 12" ~ 14" 30cm ~ 35 cm
Coir Netting: Square or Diamond Shape Square or Diamond Shape
Load ability 40' HC Container Nom's Nom's
9" x 10' 600 600
12" x 10' 358 358

Eco-Weed mat is a needled punch coir matrix bonded with natural latex binder.  It is 100% biodegradable mat which can be used to stop erosion and control weeds. The weed mat completely breaks down within 15-18 months and provides mulch to the soil. The porous structure of the mat helps water, fertilizer and air to penetrate through the coir fibers. It does not hold the heat and also helps roots and soil to breath.  Eco-Weed mats are available in circular, square and roll forms. Each weed mat form has an appropriate cut, a middle hole and a split for easy installation.

PreMiereCocos® Eco-weed Mat Product Code: Imperial Measurement (UK,USA & CANADA) Metric Measurement (EU and Other Countries)
Diameter of Circle Weed Mat: 3” ~ 36” 7.5 cm ~91 cm
Size of Squire Weed Mat: 6” x 6” x 39” ~ 39” 15.5cm x 15.5cm ~ 91.5 cm
Dimension of Roll Weed Mat: Imperial Measurement Metric Measurement
Width: > 39” > 91.5 cm
Length; 20', 30', 40' 3m, 6m, 9m
Thickness: ¼”, ½”, 1” 0.6 cm, 2.4 cm

Features & Benefits:

Prevention of soil loss due to water and wind
Elimination of sediment run-off to dry areas and water areas
Protect the land surface from water and wind
Protect seeds, keep the seeds in place and help seed germination 
Provide optimum conditions for the establishment of vegetation

Our Coir fiber soil bioengineering products play a significant role in today's soil bioengineering techniques. They strongly support the reinforcement of soil, as well as provide mulch and improve soil conditions.